The point is, whether you get the rounding off standard or model from the ... SET @value = 8346.1556 -- This will result in 8346.16 instead of 8346.1600 SELECT CAST(ROUND(@value, 2) AS DECIMAL(10,2)) The CAST. The precision represents the number of significant digits that are stored for values, and the scale represents the number of digits that can be stored following the decimal point. Standard SQL requires that DECIMAL(5,2) be able to store any value with five digits and two decimals, so values that can be stored in the salary column range from .... landcruiser 12ht. In this post we are looking at how SQL Server stores floating point values (FLOAT and REAL). If you'd like to read the previous posts in this series of how SQL Server stores data types, you can do so here: Bit columns Dates and times Integers and decimals Money Floating point values If an integer-> Continue reading How SQL Server stores data types: floating points..

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